About Rick Dore

 You won’t see a compass, slide-rule or any other drafting tools in Rick Dore’s studio and there are no degrees from prestigious design schools hanging on the walls.

What you will see are multiple styling and design awards surrounded by the half a dozen or so Hall Of Fame induction plaques. But even those are gathering dust as Rick pays no more attention to them than he does the boxes of first place trophy’s that sit in the rafters of his shop because he always has his eyes focused on the next big challenge.

Rick emerged as one of the top car builders not by building cookie cutter lead-sleds or by outlandish obscure designs, no the cars that drove Rick in to the hall of fame did so by the simplicity of elegant line kissed with raw urban attitude that Rick carried with him from New York. Even though he reached the pinnacle of success with cars like the Voodoo Priest, Skyscraper and Tangerine Dream eventually redesigning existing platforms could not satisfy the creative juices now flowing in him like a fast moving river. No more chopping the tops on a 36 Fords or frenching the headlights on a 50 Merc. Rick realized need a blank canvas to let his ideas flow and flow they did by stunning the car word with the likes of the Black pearl and the Aquarius. Influenced by the beauty of French flowing elegance touched with a bit of a sinister attitude, Rick’s cars draw you into a dream world of hotrod splendor and sleek sophistication. Rick Dore is a man of few words but his work speaks for itself and it has already made a loud and clear statement, he is the designer of a new car era.