50 Merc

I bought this mercury a few years back and used it afterwards for a pilot for a TV show where we chop the top on the car, the car‘s at my shop for several months and I thought you know why not just finish the car so we did ,molded the headlights the tail lights did the grill treatment the grill surround treatment the flush mounted skirts chopped the top lien the B pillars , Used the Lincoln push buttons to get in the doors ,nosed it decked it then we rounded most of the corners it has a flat head engine with an overdrive transmission and you could drive from San Diego to Miami tomorrow if you wanted, this car is not only a show car it also drives and it drives nice! hands down it’s the nicest driving lowered car that I have ever had, The plating is Concours plating ,the paint job is incredible all of the rubber all of the gaskets are new the window trim that goes around the exterior of the side glass is made from one piece brass, there wasn’t any expense spared on some of the details just look at the pictures of the gap’s where the hood meets the fender and the door.

A side note here I did Leno‘s garage for the 2018 season it should be coming up and out of all of the cars are brought up to meet with Jay he chose the Mercury to drive around so we spent the day in the Merc had a lot of fun Lotta laughs, keep your eyes open for it ,it’s called Leno‘s garage on MSNBC and the segment will be called I believe rolling sculpture.