Shangri-La Cadillac Roadster

This car is completely a one off car (coach built)out of aluminum everything on this car is handmade with the exception of the Sideview mirrors ,rearview mirror wheels and tires and license plate frame.

I am known for 30s style cars and with this one car I didn’t want fender skirts in the front or rear, I wanted it to be a shorter wheelbase and look a little bit more sportier than some of the other cars we have built in the past, I wanted the peaks of the fenders the tops of the fenders to be as high as the hood of the car, I wanted the body to look like it was sitting low-slung inside of the four fenders, the car has a ramjet engine and the intake was modified to make it look like an early Corvette fuelee engine, it’s 385 horse and this car will rock ‘n’ roll I have smoked the tires on this car a number of times, it’s a fun car to drive and it has a lift off top.

I’ve probably got about 500 miles on this car, I drove it around for year and a half in bare aluminum with the interior and all of the chrome done but that got old and that’s when I decided to paint it , the colors that I chose I think work for the car in the Cadillac wire wheels look great on the car as well in my opinion it fits the period.
By the way this car is available -BUT please serious inquiries only