Slow Burn 36 Auburn

This is another Hatfield / Dore creation James bought this car it came out of Florida and was a fiberglass car, when I first seen the car the tires are flat when I came off the looked awful and James looked at me and said do you think we could do anything with this, I said yeah sure, this car turned out very nice especially for what it was a tour the country and hit a couple of shows in Europe one being The Goodwood show which was incredible, every car guy should be able to go to Goodwood once in their life, again another car I could go on and on with the paint Products we used was PPG it was a two tone that was not black in the center on the body that was the root beer intensified by 20 or so regardless another car and that won Custom of the Year, as well had a lot of fun with it and now resides in James collection.





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